IHG’s Luxury Hotel Brand Regent to Open on Shanghai’s North Bund

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นึกว่า รีโนเวท Regent Shanghai เสร็จ

สรุปเป็นเซ็นสัญญา โรงแรมใหม่
รีแบรนด์จาก The Seagull on the Bund
เป็นโรงแรม Regent on the Bund

หลังรีโนเวท โรงแรมใหม่ทั้งหมด เสร็จ
เป็นโรงแรม Regent แห่งที่สอง ของ Shanghai

กำหนดเปิด 2023 มีจำนวน 130 ห้อง
จีน มี Regent หลายโรงแรม มากตอนนี้


Classic style and heritage passed down from generation to generation to reappear on glittering banks of the Huangpu River

Shanghai, December 01, 2022 – InterContinental Hotels Group announced today that it has signed with Shanghai Seagull Holding Group Co., Ltd. to jointly open a luxury hotel – Regent Shanghai on The Bund. The hotel is scheduled to open in 2023 after renovations are completed, becoming the second Regent in Shanghai, continuing the legendary model of luxury offered by the brand. It also marks further deepening and expansion of the increasingly mature luxury travel market by IHG and Shanghai Seagull Holdings.

As the first international hotel group to enter the Chinese market, IHG has always adhered to its original vision of being “in China, for China.” Having been in Greater China for 47 years, and expanded significantly on the mainland market for the past 38 years, IHG has worked together with the Chinese hotel industry to seek common development goals. As of the third quarter of 2022, IHG has 618 opened hotels, with a further 474 hotels in the pipeline, bringing the total number in China to more than 1,000 across more than 200 cities. Greater China has become an important growth engine for the Group and in the future, IHG will continue to proactively respond to the national strategic development priorities, expand its presence across the region, build three-dimensional and diversified consumption scenarios, and assist with the in-depth development of the tourism and leisure market. The signing of The Regent Shanghai on The Bund is an important milestone for the Group in implementing its strategy of localization and expanding the brand portfolio.

Mr. Jolyon Bulley, CEO of IHG Greater China and Group Transformation Lead, Luxury & Lifestyle, said: “Greater China is the second largest market for IHG globally and the fastest growing. Having expanded broadly across the mainland market for nearly 40 years, China has always held a special place in our hearts. In the context of the global epidemic, we are well aware of the practical importance that “the worthiness of any plan lies in its implementation.” The signing of the Regent Shanghai on The Bund not only further consolidates the Group’s presence in the Luxury & Lifestyle market segment, but also demonstrates our commitment to expanding in China and our firm confidence in the future development of Shanghai.”

In 2018, the world’s first Regent Hotel opened in Pudong, Shanghai, after  acquisition of the brand. With the continuous expansion of the domestic tourism industry and the increasing demand of high-net-worth consumer groups, IHG attaches great importance to this classic luxury brand. Hotels have been successively opened in Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong and other world-class cities, while at the same time a brand remodeling plan has been launched, re-imagining Regent’s unique hospitality, design concept, commitment to service and stunning visuals in a refreshing way. The Regent Shanghai on The Bund was formerly known as the Shanghai International Seamen’s Club. Later, the Seagull Hotel was built on the original site in 1984, so it has been standing on the banks of the Huangpu River for 38 years, evoking memories of a bygone era. The combination of the Regent brand and the Seagull Hotel will continue the hospitality of the original property, while inheriting the classic historical and artistic value.

Mr. Daniel Aylmer, Managing Director of IHG Greater China, said: “This year marks the 38th year that IHG has continued to be deeply invested across the mainland market, which by coincidence is the same age as the original Seagull Hotel, having witnessed the rising prosperity and transformation of Shanghai. IHG has also witnessed the changes and development of China’s cultural tourism and hotel industries. We are very happy to rebuild the hotel into the Regent Shanghai on The Bund, whose stunning visuals continue to display classical designs of the past, and bring guests a unique luxury and travel experience.”

The Regent Shanghai on The Bund is located among some of the most historical and culturally significant stretches of buildings in the country at a unique spot where the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek meet. With the theme of “A World of Flowers, Widespread Ocean Legends”, it aims to reproduce the classic Shanghai-style culture. The hotel will improve upon the original facilities and standards of use to meet more functional needs, make full use of the advantages of the riverside landscape to create a unique performance halls and rooms with a view to open up more public space. After the reconstruction, The Regent Shanghai on The Bund will become another landmark building on the North Bund. With a new look, it will be integrated into the landscape on both sides of the Huangpu River, exhibiting a harborside style.

Mr. Sun Jian, Chief Development Officer of IHG Greater China, pointed out: “As a global financial center, transportation and trading hub, Shanghai’s strategic significance for localized development is self-evident. The North Bund, with its unique cultural resources and profound historical heritage has grown into a new world-class benchmark of regional urbanization. At present, 12 of the 17 brands under IHG have entered China and as we face a new era and journey, the Group hopes to forge sincere cooperation with more owners and continue to expand the depth and breadth of our brand network in China with our extensive brand matrix. In doing so, we will meet the travel and accommodation needs of different market segments and consumers with our diversified product portfolio, and jointly assist the Chinese hotel industry to an even higher level of quality.”

The Regent Shanghai on The Bund will have more than 130 rooms, which is close to the number in the original hotel. As the second Regent Hotel to open in Shanghai, the signing of The Regent Shanghai on The Bund combines the classic Seagull hotel heritage with Regent’s experience in providing luxury accommodation, enriching consumers’ leisure and travel choices in the new era. IHG’s strategic layout in Greater China is expected to help the long-term development of the country and contribute to the new journey of further promoting Chinese-style modernization.



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