World of Hyatt New Peak & Off-Peak pricing will be effective as of October 26

เครือ World of Hyatt ระบบแลกแต้มแบบใหม่

จะเริ่มใช้ 26 ตุลาคม 2021 แล้วนะครับ

คือจะมีช่วง Off-Peak ที่ใช้แต้มน้อยกว่าเดิม
และช่วง Peak ช่วงเทศกาล ที่ใช้แต้มแลกมากกว่าเดิม นะครับ

เห็นว่าเลื่อนมาหลาย รอบเหมือนกัน

จะเริ่มระบบการแลกแต้มแบบใหม่ ผมเรียกระบบนี้ว่า แลกแต้มแบบ Off-Peak Peak นะครับ
จะเริ่มประมาณ กลางตุลาคม ปีนี้

Park Hyatt Bangkok Category 5
Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Category 3
Hyatt Regecy Hua Hin Category 3

ปล. คงได้เวลาอัพเดทข้อมูล World of Hyatt เพิ่มแล้วสินะ

Coming in 2021: World of Hyatt Introducing Off-peak and Peak point redemption for free nights.


Originally planned to come to into effect in March of 2020 Hyatt’s Peak and Off-Peak pricing for their World of Hyatt program was delayed due to the pandemic. Earlier this year the program said they will come into effect this October and now we know exactly when. As of 10:00am CT on Tuesday October 26, 2021 these new options are being introduced for award nights starting on March 1, 2022. This means all free night awards will be at the standard rates until February 28, 2022.

Here is a reminder of how World of Hyatt’ Peak and Off-Peak free night pricing works:

Off-peak: Fewer points will be required during Off-peak times, starting at 3,500 points per night (the best value when hotels are less busy)
Standard: Points required during standard redemption periods will follow today’s point requirements, starting at 5,000 points per night (the most common rate)
Peak: –More points will be required for a free night during Peak times, starting at 6,500 points per night and will be no more than 5,000 points above the Standard point requirement (when hotels are the busiest)
Here are the new free night award charts as of October 26:

When Off-Peak and Peak is introduced in mid-October 2021, if the redemption amount for a night on an existing award reservation is lowered to Off-peak, we’ll automatically refund the point difference, and if it goes to Peak, you won’t be charged any more points.
Points + Cash will also offer Off-peak and Peak point redemption. You can save 50% of the points required for a free night and 50-70% off the Standard Rate.
Free nights in suites will also be offered at Off-peak and Peak redemption.
You’ll have plenty of time to plan ahead. Redemption rates for free nights will be announced as soon as nights are available for reservations (usually 13 months in advance), and won’t change once posted. A new online calendar will help you plan (coming soon).
Hotel award categories aren’t changing — there are still eight.


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